The adventures of the magnificent eight!


This was the match we had been waiting for all week…
The crowd anticipated a game of gargantuan proportions.

We started slowly, and then there it was bang in the back of our net and 1-0 down!
Oh boy, it was another weak start to a game that promised so much.

Then bang 2-0, bang 3-0… 😞

James Sharp tackled well along with Jack Kelly, both saving many dangerous attacks.

Captain Lincoln Borthwick took the bull by the horns and marched into midfield, the Young Matador dispossessed the opposition and turned to goal dribbled with a Messi-esque quality and slotted a slide rule shot into the left side

3-1, back in it!

Bang 4-1, and 5-1… and half time with an uphill battle awaiting for us all.
Chin up, heads up and Dig deep lads was the cry

Pitch 8 was our pitch today, unlucky for some…

Good running and battling from Harry Holmes and Adam Abdullah gave us hope of a comeback, Freddie Barron made some great catches to keep the attacking Hoards at bay…

Kai Duffy and Ben Sharp made good runs through the forward attacking positions with chances to notch, but lady luck was not with us..

But then unfortunately
the 6th and 7th and then Finally the 8th goal passed over the painted white line to spell defeat for Chester, not our best performance by far, but a very strong performance from our opposition.

The undefeated tag for 2018 fell from grace, but as with all football, it can be β€˜The best of times or the worst of times’…

We will be back bigger and better next time.

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