Another win today for the Chester le Street Town U9 Whites

It was a windy and bitterly cold morning and all of the squad were available. James started in goal and made some great saves. Most of the first half was Chester town with the opposition forced to make some great saves and clearances off the line. It took time but eventually the boys determination payed off and Chester town found the back of the net with the first goal of the game. The boys continued to play well in the first half passing well and making great defensive decisions. The whistle signaling half time blew and it was time for the boys to regroup. The second half saw Joel take his place in goal and throughout the second half made some great saves. The boys continued to play well and pass the ball down the pitch. There were some great tries and the opposition goal keeper was on fire saving a number of shots from Chester town. With less than 10 minutes to go the opposition found the back of the net making the score line even. Chester town continued to press the opposition further up the pitch and we saw a lot more passing rather that just running up the pitch with the ball, this saw us dominate the opposition. This payed off with some lovely passing between the boys leading to another goal. A sigh of relief came from the sidelines and the boys just needed to hold them a bit longer. However…. Chester town are not a team to just hold on, and the lead made them even more determined and they continued to pass and keep the ball in the oppositions half of the pitch, leading to another goal from Chester town.

All of the boys did fantastic. It was a challenging game with some of the boys still not feeling 100% fit. Chester town U9 whites keep up their unbeaten run as they move to 2nd in the table.
This winter season had seen the boys grow and bond. No matter what happens during the rest of this winter season, or where they end up finishing in the table, Chester town have made emence progress and the future looks bright.

Everyone of the boys should be proud to be part of the Chester town U9 squad.

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  1. Good to see the team being challenged and rising to the occasion. Too many times the boys have looked at the position of the other team and assumed a win or a loss before kick off. Seeing this team was sitting at the bottom of the table they talked about it being an easy win because the previous week was so comfortable. That this wouldn’t be a push-over straight from the whistle was apparent and when pulled back to 1-1 towards the end of the game they dug in and won by producing good football instead of just higher intensity. A good lesson and development step in these young lads journey.

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