Another win today for the Chester le Street Town Under 9 Whites. It was a cold and frosty morning but the boys were prepared wearing their new jumpers to combat the cold!. Only 7 of the squad were available so the boys knew they had a long game ahead. Joel Mews-Reed started in goal and didn’t really have a great deal to do in the first half but was there when needed, The first half saw Chester town score 4 goals ( and the ball hit the post around the same number of times!!!) When the ball did go into our half of the pitch it was soon cleared by our brilliant defense. The first half saw the boys play really well but they weren’t really put under pressure, so when the opposition asked if they could bring on another player for the second half the coach agreed. Nicolas Twinn took his place in goal for the second half, and just like the first half, had little to do but was there when he was needed to keep the ball out of the back of the net to ensure the boys kept their clean sheet! The boys continued to play well in the second half and managed another goal but, due to tired legs and an extra player on the opposite team, the boys began to feel more pressure. A very enjoyable game, albeit very cold, with brilliant passing, tackles, goals and saves from all of the team. Chester town Under 9 whites continue to be force to be reckoned with as they are 3rd in the table as they go into their Christmas break.

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  1. The first goal was a Mark of the progress this team is making lately. Ben won the ball deep in his own half and quickly turned to send a long low pass upfield to Thomas bypassing our midfield. Thomas got to the corner of the opposition box and recognised that he wouldnt get passed the 3 opposition that had been drawn toward him so squared the ball into Nicks path. One touch to position the ball then calmly thumped into the top corner from a reasonable distance. If we can repeat this kind of football more regularly in a match we will climb the remaining leagues above us.

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