Battling Whites Defeat


Today we welcomed a new team member, Cece. She joined us in training Thursday and moulded well with the team and was excited to get her first competitive game under her belt.

With a change of time and quick change of pitch we were ready to get going.

The game started strong with some tough competition, a few firm tackles and the team knew they were in for a fight early doors.

Adam remained calm and collective in the middle of the park and got a few through balls and breaks away to attack but were caught out with some fabulous defending.

The opposition played well and fixed the ball in and out and through on goal with a fantastic shot in the top corner, 1-0.

A change midway in first half made way for Thula to make his appearance and got stuck into the mix immediately, great performance from Thula and kept his head held high, few chances and great dribbling but couldn’t break down the defence.

The ball broke free from the pack the wrong side of our defenders and the opposition took there chance to double the lead. 2-0.

Half time came and allowed the team to get a quick drink and catch up. Adam back on for the 2nd half.

Great work between Zach and Cece combining well to allow Adam free to have shot, CRACK against the post, back out to Ani and he couldn’t weave it through the sea of legs! Was today just not going to be our day??

Zach as captained got the team together again for the goal kick, Chester pressed hard and pushed up the field and were caught by a burst of energy and speed from the opposition who fed through and a great save from James between the sticks. They came again and again and James kept them out.

From the goal kick the opponents picked it up from the edge of the box and buried into the bottom corner. 3-0.

Chester picked themselves up again from the kick and carried the ball forward. Some fantastic individual efforts, passing and creating space. Chester got the throw and Adam with a huge launch into the box, fell to Ani who didn’t hesitate sinking the ball into the back of the net. 3-1.

The final few minutes were end to end with chances all over but the ref called it a day. Final score 3-1.

The team all played well today. Zach a strong captain and good defending , Ani some great work dribbling and looking for that space, Thula took his chances but couldn’t find the back of the net- keep it up they will come! Cece fantastic effort today, your first game and you held your own in a tough game. Adam again great defending and even breaking down the line to create chances. James again strong between the sticks.

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