Change to Discipline Regulations



Please find attached Discipline Regulation Amendments for the 2017/18 season which will affect teams that play Step 5 i.e Northern League division 1 and below. The main changes are as follows:

Suspension Start Dates – any automatic suspension will commence 7 days from the day of the dismissal (it was 14 days last season).

Referee Reports – if a player is dismissed it is the Clubs/Teams responsibility to contact the Association within 3 days of the game to ensure we have received the report and are able to tell the Club/Team the number of games the player will be suspended for.

Late payments/ responses – if payment for any disciplinary action is not received within 14 days from the date of issue the full amount on the invoice issued will be increased by 25% and if that amount is not paid within a further 7 days the Club/Team will be suspended.

Appeals regarding discipline – from 2017/18 season any disciplinary committee decisions regarding misconduct charges commence 3 days after the date of the hearing and should a Club/Player wish to appeal that decision this must be submitted within the same 3 day period.

Other activities – any suspension imposed will include other activities, such as Referee/ Coaching etc.


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