Chester Royal Blues

Today was the day

In the heat of the morning, The young gladiators took to the scorching ground…

We set off with a determined pace,
Captain Adam Avenger lead by example and
Showed the opposition some skilful feet, mesmeric!!
A slide rule pass to Kai and he nailed a bullet shot into the keeper..

Great battling from Ben combined with Jinkin Linkin made for a heady mix of talent on show…

But all too soon we were 1-0 down!
Chin up and let’s get into it was the cry…

Then 2-0 and omg staring into the face of defeat.

Half time and a quick drink before a few words of uplifting encouragement.

The 2nd half commenced and immediately the battle hardened
Avenger and Jinkin got amongst it
with ball at feet and hearts a pounding…

the ball broke free to Kai with position bodies in front of him, what was he to do???
Impossible to score, not a gap existed, no daylight could be seen…

As if taken over by the spirit of Hawkins, the young Chester physicist
applied his Pythagoras theorem to the shot as he unleashed the atomic laces to the globe and Bang!!

Incredibly the bottom corner bulged as he succeeded to thread it through and 2-1!

Game on!.
the eyes beamed brightly, the pulse quickened…
Could we, would we …?

The Brickwall turned the switch as if to say ‘enough!’
Save after save, and with some mighty clearances which I feared could have threatened the local Grouse fleeing the Durham district.

James hovered like his usual self
Making clearances and last ditch tackles, and Harry carved his way through tackle after tackle as only he can

This gave a great opportunity to The Avenger adam to run free as if a scene from The Last of The Mohicans

One on one with the keeper, the ball rolling perilously close to the keeper
Could he make it…unfortunate

pure Courage was on display

Unbelievably the young soldiers picked themselves up

2-1 and time was ticking down…

And then from out of nowhere came The Hammer… 🤔

Hammer Time… The Brickwall released the ball to midfield, Linx smoothly slid the ball to Jack and slo mo ensued…

it was poetry in motion..
the young lad rose up and ran without a care, strong as an Ox and with only one dream left to realise….

Pounding down the pitch, a filling- rattling explosion of a shot was smashed off the boot of The Hammer, 20 yards out and with a Worldie necessary to beat the supreme keeper….the angle had become acute, Had the chance gone

I felt sorry for Jacks laces as they must have screamed in pain through the impact! he unleashed the ground to air missile 

As the keeper’s hopefully flighted dive rose to greet the leathery sphere, I can only here the words of song in my head
‘cant touch this this’
Hammer Time!!!
euphoria enveloped the hordes!


The game was up for grabs,
As Linx took a tremendous free kick it bolted through a crowded box and glanced off a Chester shirt…
It’s a game of fractions they say,
It was a whisper away from 3-2!!

The Avenger took control of the ball and foraged forward, the ball no more than sniffing distance off his big toe,
A defender moved for the ball, The Avenger simply rolled his foot over the ball changing direction

The essence of Zinedine was present…

Then with seconds to go a breakaway from the opposition, one on one with Freddie The Brickwall!!
the trigger foot half pulled and ready to break hearts

Then the slight shadowy figure emerged from the shadows…
Like a silent assassin.

Ball into row Z,
Danger over

Harry had hit hard
but hit fair…
what a tackle!

We were saved once again from Defeat…

2-2 it finished, a great battling display.

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