201011 Blues Feb2018 Brick

Chester the Brave


A vibrant squad assembled at an usually warm Soccarena, the Mercury was pushed up to a dizzy 8c…

Fail to Prepare.. Prepare to fail
always our motto!!

We took to the pitch with Captain Brickwall Barron ready to instill a strong sense of determination throughout the ranks, we fancied it today, we looked strong limbed, every hair in place and our eyes sparkled with excitement.

And then Bang!
1-0 down
Our early promise was undone with a determined attack.

Chins up!! Was the cry…
we’ve been here before.
Captain Brickwall Barron took command and rolled a sublime pass to Ben The Beast who turned like a terrier searching out his early morning Postman, Head down, a strong foraging ‘Ronaldo-like’ sprint through midfield with still much to do had the masses on top toes,
and from 15 yards a howitzer was borne from the laces of the boy who can and will ‘seal your fate forever’.

The keeper stretched fully to his left,
The Slow-mo ensued, no VAR needed for this cannonball and the lushest sound of leather on net 1-1…

We were lifted by the change in scoreline, the team visibly strong and energetic… Jack Kelly tackling and heading strongly, and just missed the goal with a powerful free kick!

Harry HitMan Holmes was imperious today, the lad he was marking must have been twice his size but  that didn’t stop the bravest little lad on the face of the earth

Superb tackling and courage, this is the ‘Chester way’ hard and fair.

Some great defensive challenges and passing from James Sharp helped create a break away,
Jinkin Lincoln dribbled Pele-esque through the attack, there’s an air of confidence in the lad as soon as he skins the first opponent

What a sublime side foot finish, firstly he caressed it and then rolled the ball under the keeper and 2-1…

Some great runs from Kai MaraDuffy
Allowed us to pass through to attack creating some good chances but unluckily no notch.

Freddie The Brick-wall made some telling saves after some attacking play put us under pressure.

The seconds were counting down to half time when The Beast decided ‘howay man enoughs enough’
And unleashed a shot, the speed of which Malcolm Campbell would have been proud of!

Ben may not have had the advantage of being on The Utah Salt Flats (used back in ‘35) but I’m sure the sonic boom could be heard as the Exocet travelled goalward…
the keeper taking the full force and saving brilliantly but unable to hold the intense kinetic energy contained within the red hot spherical asteroid.

The crowd ooooohh’d and argghhhh’d was the chance gone
The ball drifted out into ‘no mans land’, we all mouthed the words shoooooottttt!!!
who would be the first to react…

A shadow from the midfield arose like a phantom, it was the reliable Jinkin Lincoln poised and balanced as always, his eyes like diamonds,
His boot angled with intent…
Boom! Strike 2!!! from close range under the keeper, his celebration run has the look of a boy fresh from his trip back from The States after being voted
‘The coolest cucumber from the back of the fridge’

Half time whistle!

The 2nd half started with the words ‘let’s put this to bed lads’ ringing in their ears….
unfortunately within seconds we were back to 3-2!

The battle commenced fully, it was pretty ugly stuff… Ben Sharp running every inch of the pitch and Harry Holmes like a Titan kept the Big lads at bay with his unstoppable energy.

But then the unthinkable happened, against the run of play a quick attack and a bullet shot parried only to fall to the opposition and 3-3… gutted.

A great effort from all the team

Ben Sharp is captain for the game tomorrow.

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