201011 Blues Feb2018 Brick

Chester Town U7 Blues Twinned With Ice Station Zebra


After a full de-icing session allowing the team to warm their bodies up to a heady zero degrees! We took to the Arctic pitch, wary of polar bears and hyperthermia this was gonna be a mammoth test of spirit and fortitude.

Both teams battled from the off,
James Sharp dogged and determined as always in defence, Lincoln Borthwick lead like Captain Scott, brave and impervious to the wintry conditions

Great cover tackles and runs from Adam Abdullah allowed Kai Duffy a couple of chances to break loose from midfield but the opposition defence stood strong.
Could we break the deadlock??

Out of the blue James ‘Tiberius’ Sharp moved into warp 9, to go where no James had gone before, he dispossessed the opposition, shimmied(yeah you heard me right)
And blasted a 15 yarder into the bottom corner 1-0

Jack Kelly set about crunching a few tackles in, stopping any attack coming our way.. it was evens in all parts of the pitch.

Freddie ‘Brickwall’ Barron stood strong with some great arcing saves and powerful incisive clearances..
he dominated not so much his box but the full half of his pitch!

We found ourselves against the bitter wind, with the pressure of making it 6 wins in a row??
1-0 at half time was phenomenal…

The second half began much as the first had finished, we needed another goal to settle our nerves.. and we got it seconds later!
but alas to the opposition after a very forceful attack 1-1.

Back to the drawing board, and the lights seemed to switch on in the minds of our players.

Captain Jinkin Lincoln dribbled through midfield, a perfect released pass to Adam Abdullah who must have had his sails lifted by the wind, travelling at full speed ahead he smashed an exocet missile low and just inside the left hand post, OMG that was pure class!

2-1, this was not gonna be given up for any man.
Harry Holmes relentless in his pursuit of the Paul Scholes award, what an engine, he must have had a litre of anti-freeZe on his shreddies this morning!

Kai Duffy pushed on, memories of Scarborough Beach 1976, The Red Arrows in formation, Ben Sharp bombing in centre point, Captain ‘Iceman’ Lincoln on the right wing.
The trap had been sprung… Ben Sharp pulled the  trigger
and smashed a cracking shot close range off the right post, there was a gasp from the home contingent for a millisecond….
the ball ricochetted out into the box with a ‘Matrix-like’ movement,
the rebound was anyone’s….
the steely boot of the one they call Captain Fantastic seemed Magnetised to the leathery globe,
bang 3-1!!

We knew it wasn’t over yet, and with an over-self belief not seen since Eddie the Eagle Edwards foolishly took to the slopes,
we conceded a second goal with 4 in attack, even Freddie couldn’t save us from this
3-2 could we hold on?


MOM was James Sharp, a great work ethic and great positional play-

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