What a first half of the season  U7 Whites have had. It’s been edge of the seat stuff at times and really great to watch, thoroughly entertaining

Maintaining an unbeaten run in the 5 games they have played, with plenty of goals (54!), and every player taking there opportunities to put the ball in the back of the net.  But maybe more importantly, the work rate of all the boys to track back and close the opposition down when they break, putting pressure straight on, to force errors or get the vital tackle in.

They have also competed in the ‘Armed forces Day Tournament’ held in Seaburn, finishing runners up in the final to a very good team from Boldon Colts, the boys held there own and gave a good game. Not sure anyone would of saved a couple of the free kicks taken by Boldon.

All of the boys have come on leaps and bounds since the first few weeks of superstars which brought them all together. They’re all comfortable on the ball and confident to run at players creating opportunities and dazzling the parents.

They still have a lot to learn and areas for development(a given seen as there only 6)  but I’m sure we speak for all when we say, we can’t wait for the second half of the season.

There will be tough challenges ahead which will test the boys but as long as they are all smiling and enjoying the game, bring it on

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