Sub zero degrees played a big part in Saturdays game. Chester-le-Street Town U10 Hoops knew their opponents were all out for the win. Playing in a mini blizzard took its toll on the team and an early injury took the opposition down to 6 men and one goal up. Both teams back to full strength at half time. Hoops then pushing forward got an equaliser off the back of Alex Dodgson but Daniel Baines came under pressure after a shot hit the post. All the hoops gave all they had in the second half Alexander Parkinson making some good football in the middle of the park. Philippa Hunter had two long shots on target but it just wasn’t to be until a shot from outside the box from Alex Horthonwaite put the hoops ahead 2-1 just as the Ref blew the final whistle. Well done Hoops finishing on a high. Charlie Nightingale, Harry Duncan, Alex Dodgson, Ronnie Craggs, Callum Brandford, Alexander Parkinson, Alexander Hawthornwaite Daniel Baines and Matthew Nolan well done hoops for a brilliant season

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