No luck today for the Under 10 whites

It was a scorching day for a midday fixture for the boys.  Only 8 of the boys were available which meant that despite the heat there was not going to be much rest time for the boys.

The game started well, but unfortunately it wasn’t long before the opposition opened the scoring. The following minutes saw Chester town on the attack. A lovely ball into the box unluckily hit the post denying the boys an equaliser. The boys kept pushing but 2 goals in close succession knocked the wind out of the boys’ sails! Their tiredness and exhaustion was showing but they kept going and chased every ball, despite the heat. The half time whistle blew and the boys breathed a sigh of relief knowing they could at least have a few minutes rest and the opportunity to regroup.

The second half started much the same as the first. Chester Town were chasing every ball but the opposition were just too strong at times, and managed to dispossess the boys. The second half saw a lot of the play in our half of the pitch; the defence stood strong but was unfortunately broken down on two occasions leading to 2 more goals. The boys kept going but you could tell they had pretty much given up…….the supporters were willing Chester town to get one back to give the boys a bit of a boost. After lots of trying, the back of the net was found and the boys were on the scoresheet. The dying minutes of the game saw more passion from the boys but they just could not break through, an unlucky dispossession saw the final goal for the opposition.  To the relief of the boys (and the supporters) the final whistle blew.

A loss for the boys but a great display of teamwork despite the conditions. I think it is fair to say that not all boys were on form and the team lacked their usual flare, but a great game all the same. The boys are growing and despite their disappointment they all had smiles on their faces

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