Chester u7 whites grouped full of energy, plan of action and a positive attitude.

Game started quickly with Chester pressing in the middle of field, joe and Cece keeping pressure and allowing very little movement from the opposition. The captain Adam at the back with Zach kept the ball out and clear from the box. Opponents manage to weave a through ball to create a chance but fell to James in goal who cleared for a corner.
The corner flew in, bounce around like a pinball machine and ended on the boot of the opposition striker who buried into the back of the net. 1-0 down.

From the kick the opponents had now a spring in their step and drove down the left wing, cross/shot which met the hand of a Chester defender, very unlucky but a penalty was given. Up they stepped bottom corner, 2-0.

As we broke for half time this was our chance to focus and introduce the dynamic duo, Ani and Thula ! They stepped in with a fire in their belly and a will to turn this around.

The pressure built in the middle of the park, Adam representing the rock of Gibraltar, solid! He got the ball clear to Thula on the right who drove forward, 1 thing in mind, passed across to the captain who sunk it into the back of the net. 2-1 Game on!

Next was Ani, just like his twin, no hesitation snatching the ball off the feet of the opponents and driving down the wing to cross to his captain, waiting patiently Adam had 1 vision, to smash into the net! Bang! 2-2!

With the fire behind them Chester kept pressure on in all areas not allowing opponents to have 2 seconds on the ball. They got the ball out wide to Thula who carried it forward, dipping in and out and around of everyone to find himself 1 on with the keeper, boom! Tucked neatly into the back of the net. 2-3, Chester now in front.

Quick change to allow Joe and Cece onto the pitch. Cece found herself straight away with 1 defender to beat, laces through the ball and…. Save! No way! Very unlucky.

Chester were then caught with 30 seconds left, a quick corner snuck through our tight defence and managed to work it’s way through under James into the net. Unlucky goal, but scored back level 3-3.

From the kick the whistle went for full time, smiles all round and all very tired.

Great game had by all the team, they showed determination and teamwork throughout! The pressure was unbelievable and all understood their roles.
Very proud of the team today, they stuck together worked hard and got a result from a difficult game and surroundings. Well done team Chester!

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