Two games in two days. After yesterday’s excitement I was expecting a poor performance today but the team was great. Just like yesterday, players stepped up and possibly showed there best game since joining the club. Ben Wright, sitting in an attacking midfield role grabbed his first club goal and it won’t be his last on today’s display. Will Jackson took MotM award for a huge performance in midfield anchor role before dropping back into defence. Tireless and showing that attacks can start from the back he lead like a captain should. Ashton Hui, Oliver Loan and Joel Mews Reed continued in defence with Finley Benek up front. Nick Twinn was switched around positions today as was Thomas Walton who grabbed a goal and worked very hard. As ever, James Carr provides us with a solid base from goal and is now looking comfortable in the attacking midfield role. Twice we came back from a goal down and at 2-2 had a 5 minute patch where good passing and moving created chances that didn’t get converted, so the game was decided by a moment of poor fortune. Even 2-3 the result was less important than how the boys applied themselves today and we lost to a very competent passing team. The last two games bode well for the coming months.

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