It was a tough away fixture against a good footballing side for Chester le Street Town U11 Hoops.
The coach had a morale dilemma when she arrived as opposition could only field 8 players. In the end the Hoops coach did the right thing and also played with 8 with the proviso of that if it wasn’t going to plan then the 9th would be on.

Hoops struggled to get out of their own half and the defenders earned their pocket money this week. With Ethan gaining strength each week from injury
Jacob still displaying great game play. Charlie again superb and making some fantastic runs from the left back position that Dani Alves would be proud of.

Hoops took the lead with a goal from Philippa she took her shot well and the keeper didn’t have a chance. There wasn’t a blade of grass that wasnt covered by Will, Xander and Callum.

The opposition kept pushing and their hard work paid off after a great save from Jack (The Cat) wasn’t cleared by the hoops and it was chipped over a helpless keeper on the ground. Dodgy yet again took some tough challenges but he didn’t give up and had the war wounds to show.

It was looking like a draw which would be a good point considering the possession in the Hoops half but The Cat remained strong and stopped everything that came his way.
Then what happened next was what could only be described as a “smash n grab” as once again Philippa stepped up and took another opportunity making it 2-1 to Chester. Their was a big shout for offside from the opposition coach but the refs decision is final.
Great game play
It was a scrappy game and the Hoops weren’t at their best but sometimes you have to win ugly.

Promotion Hope’s are still alive!!

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