201011 Blues Feb2018 Brick

The Chester Phoenix


Chester’s 2nd game of the weekend gave us all a chance to improve on Saturday’s draw and maybe get back to winning ways…

A pensive crowd were full of trepidation and positive expectation, could we rise from the ashes of defeat and gain victory, could Chester represent the phase of the new Spring and rise like a Phoenix

The whistle was put to pursed lips, the team looked like a coiled spring,
And they’re off!!
Superb play from Chester looking for an early goal and dominance, 30 seconds in and 1-0!!
Again we were undone in defence and had an uphill battle….
‘Come on Chester!! Heads up!’

Captain Ben Sharp had seen it all before, it didn’t phase the young Beast, like an old sea dog, he was weathered and was unmoved by the goal against us, in the face of adversity and with a swift dribble from midfield he smashed a rocket shot into the net… 1-1 and we were back on track.

The team rose immediately with Brick-wall Barron ready to command his box, like Churchill he was immovable…

‘We shall defend our goal whatever the cost

Lincoln Borthwick was like a greyhound, flying up and down the wings and this produced a great chance for Jack Kelly who was positioned perfectly for the tap in,
But The football gods were unkind and the chance went a begging…

Half time whistle and a chance to regroup…

We started the 2nd half with a strong belief, but soon we were again pegged back by an easy goal 2-1 and the hill to climb once more.

James Sharp Moved forward, determined close control and battling mentality allowed him to forage his way through the midfield to set up his brother.
The Beast pounced on the ball and ran with purpose, and rifled a great shot into the back of the net!!

Harry The Hitman Holmes was in no mood to take prisoners, as usual he was the master of midfield, any loose ball was quickly dealt with and any attack had intervention written all over it

Kai Duffy took control of the ball and set about weaving through midfield with a determined run

The ball rolled slowly away from the Huge Jenga of kids and fell to Adam Abdullah who calmly balanced himself and slotted a beauty from 10 yards into the top corner
And 3-2 We were confident we would never give up this unassailable lead
omg how unlucky was that,
A stray ricochet ball entered the box,
Not another 3-3 result in one weekend??

But there was one among us that did not second that emotion..
Duffy stepped up and made a mazy dribble  A shot equally as devastating but what’s this  the keeper rose up like a Salmon onto the ball
but the determined Duffydonna was not finished the boy Duffy thought for a
‘Uummm men and boys’ as he slammed the sledge hammer boot through the ball, instant joy! 🙌

Full Time, relief, heart burn and ecstasy all in one gulp.

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