Triumph in the Tropics


There were no blues today only smiles..

Chester were in dreamland,
Must have been 10c on the pitches, but it felt like The Tropics for the weather beaten among us as we rolled up

The Whistle blows and we are off,
Kai Duffy does a marvellous David Gea impression for the first 5 mins and keeps a clean sheet, the only one of the day.
Adam Abdullah and Captain Jack ‘GrandMaster flash’ Kelly were like
hip-hop legends, from spinning on their heads to dancing round the pitch like matadors….
they dominated the early exchanges.

And from this great battling display across the park came the first goal, James ‘Jumping Hot’ Sharp dispossessed the midfielder and went on a mazy run not seen since Giggsy’s FA Cup legendary slalom-fest v Arsenal Back in ‘ 99…

And bang he slotted a low Rocketed Bowling ball strike into the net, Sheareresque and a face of Glee 1-0!

We were off!!! Like the Greyhounds

Harry Hitman Holmes was again imperious, still riding the surf wave of euphoria from his training ground goal on Friday night, which was indescribable…. think Maradonna,
Think Messi, Think Bergkamp and then add a smattering of Pele and you have the right idea omg….

Harry was like a Tiger, never giving an inch, hassling and nipping at the toes of anything that moved… never complains never cries in
Pain and never has a bad word to say …..this lad is gold dust

Captain Jack benefitted from a well fought ball, and unleashed a shot which from the side resembled a russian intercontinental ballistic missile….

as the 20 yarder impacted on the corner stanchion and left the crowd open mouthed with awe!
How unlucky was that???
Would have been goal of the month.

Ben Sharp joined the Affray and with a magnificent gusto only reserved for the likes of WWF and the UFC,
he proceeded to take charge of the midfield and dispossessed the opposition leading to a simple pass to Jinkin Lincoln who destroyed the net with a sublime low bullet volley 2-0!

Unfortunately for Kai Duffydonna there was a certain David Gea in net for the opposition, two superb chances on goal with great driving force and commitment, but alas no goal.

Half time beckoned…

Whistle blows and blood rushes..
Again we are straight into the action
But all to soon we are pegged back with a swift attack and 2-1….

Stand strong Chester!!
The gladiators battled through the onslaught with only victory in our hearts… bang and 2-2!!😩
Not again we thought…
snatching defeat from the jaws of victory was not on the cards today!

Freddie The Brickwall Barron came into his own, enough was enough let’s have this!
He pounced like a Panther and kicked like a mule, brave as a lion the lad took the game by the scruff of the neck, in Geordie terms he shut up shop

James Tiberius Sharp covered every inch of grass today, absolutely imperious…

A perfectly timed despatched ball to Midfield was trapped and passed impeccably by jack  he found the one they call The Dudfydona…

Duffydonna Chested the ball(yeah you heard me🤔) and in slow motion which seems to be a regular phenomenon around our games,
The young striker half turned from 20 yards, sorry… pirouetted like an Olga Corbett, and similarly the result was a perfect 10..

the contact, the poise and the balance was as if the planets had aligned.. omg was I seeing this
As he arc’d the ball over his head and over the defender’s and the keeper’s into the roof of the net with only ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ playing in my head ‘the sound of silence…

3-2 truly magnificent Master Duffy.

Adam Got his Birthday present early..
happy days!!!

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