U7 Blues Win Again


Coming off 2 great victories Chester continued in the same vein and were soon ahead after some great passing and inter play from the back line linked up with our Attack line eventually a rebound fell at Captain Borthwick’s feet, there was only one possible conclusion a powerful
Shot across goal low and hard
and 1-0…

Harry Holmes was inspired, again with his trade mark engine running on 5 🌟 fuel he covered 10miles of grass in the first half alone! Strong tackles, foot on the ball, head up and passing well… absolutely marvellous.

Jack Kelly returned recharged and ready for battle, and what an impact!
Crunching tackles, bullet like shots and great break up play in midfield,
This lad is waiting to explode and we can’t wait to see more results on the pitch.

Ben Sharp came on chompin’ at the bit ready to compete with Captain Borthwick’s heady goal tally…
And within seconds had his first goal,
With great work from Adam Abdullah who was awesome in the wings and all over the place really, set up a chance which Ben buried. His determination was infectious and soon his second goal arrived, with the team battling through midfield with strong tackles and good movement Ben Sharp had a chance but the ball was surely the keepers, afterburners on and a determination to score ended with a rebound buried in the net, 4-1.

Adam Abdullah made a great run into attack along side Captain Borthwick , a free kick ensued and with a whisper from Captain Borthwick To Adam Abdullah, Adam smashed a lovely shot into the top corner of the goal,
But then a huge ‘doink!!’ Sounded and the ball came off the crossbar, so close man!!

  • Freddie Barron scanned the pitch like a Terminator and a possible clean sheet for the Chester team… he pounced and kicked the ball like a mule

Only one goal passed our sticks unluckily.. strong saves kept us dominant in the game throughout.

Kai Duffy came on making great runs from midfield into attack, forcing corners and throw ins, he was the catalyst for many attacks and goals today..

James Sharp was strong in the tackle and clearances abounded, James knows his position well and had chances to score twice.. narrowly missing.

Ben Sharp finished off his hatrick in style, with a corner coming in from Captain Borthwick on a slide rule to Ben who nailed it with a finish that Lineker would have been proud of, and 5-1…

Full Time and happy days.

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