U9 Blues Hold On





No More Sleeps!!

The first League game of the season beckoned…
7v7 big pitches, 50 minutes, ‘proper football lads’

The warm sunshine was a welcome sign.
Newbottle-The north eastern footballing centre of the universe was packed out.
it was looking more like a Nissan production line!!
Cars as far as the eyes could see

The whistle blew… We started brightly, Good passing and moving from the lads.
We created chances immediately.

The Brickwall was assured and safe in Goal, a great courageous early dive at the opposition feet gave confidence to all present.

The Hitman ran as only The Hitman can, strong, assured and with eyes of the tiger…
He passed to Jinkin who made a bee-line for goal as he dribbled towards glory…

The Opposition were mesmerised so much that Jinkin nailed the ball into the goal with aplomb after a pinball football landed fortuitously at his feet…
there was only gonna be one outcome
Bosh and 1-0!

Jinkin was not satisfied by destroying the Opposition defence, he received a pinpoint pass from defence.
The Duffydonna found himself amongst a myriad of players….
Congestion like a London tube train on a Monday morning…

he calmly scanned the pitch like a Terminator, selected Jinkin for interception, as The Duffydonna pinged a beauty to the metatarsals of the golden boy.

Jinkin turned and saw a huge defender in front of him..
The Byker Wall sized player cast a shadow over half the pitch
A drop of the shoulder and acceleration down the right side put paid to the obstacle instantly…

Jinkin had his Head up and 20 yards out,
The keeper looming big,
The distance assessed and the target calculated…
as Jinkin smashed the howitzer high and handsome passed the keeper for 2-0!
Euphoria for the Cestrian Hordes.

The blonde haired, strong limbed
Charlie ‘The Enforcer’ made his debut today,
His First proper competitive game for any team, what was in store for the Young Cestrian….

The Enforcer was making some great challenges, tackling like a Scholesy, passing with confidence, not a hint of nerves…
Formidable chasing down,
like a Sheep Dog scaring the sheep into order!

The Hammer was imperious down the right wing…
Like a Cestrian gazelle, he pounded the yards today, cross after cross, corner after corner… The Hammer came of age today, where have you been Jack welcome to Chester Town!!

The Yassinator was patrolling defence and pouncing on the dangerous opposition strikers, his years of Toboggan training had helped his tackling technique as he slid for England!

The Hoover was in form making good clearances from the back, a clean sheet was assured collectively from the front to the back!

The whistle blew for half time.
We had absorbed the pressure and played well using our passing to good effect… The coaches hoped that our usual 2nd half over confidence wouldn’t
Interfere with the result

The 2nd half kicked off with hopes of victory and more goals.

The Avenger immediately took the game by the scruff of the neck and imposed himself, taking possession and passing with aplomb to Jinkin who slotted his hatrick in style, bobbing and weaving like George Best, bang 3-0!

The 30’minute hatrick was nailed
The crowd bent down and worshipped at the feet of the young Mastercraftsman

The Duffydonna made a Great mazy run taking the ball around the last defender
Hitting a Bullet shot towards the top corner, we awaited a bulge in the netting and the roar of the 74,000 maximum attendance crowd, but no!!
The keeper leapt and saved with style.

Just when we looked ready to book the open top bus thru Chester we went to sleep at the back allowing Opposition to waltz thru like Michael Flatley and notch 3-1

The Duffydonna was insensed and decided to take the ball immediately after kick off, running down the left wing like a wild banshee and passing with intent to the Hammer on the edge of the box, the keeper came out like a rocket to smother the ball…

Had the Chance gone?
‘Hammer Time’

Maximus mouthed the words
‘Taaaaake aaaaa Tooouuuucchh!!’

But no-Bosh!!!
laces, body in balance, determination all kicked in symbiotically crashing off the underside of the bar and lifting the crowd, a jubilant Cestrian roar was audible for all to hear.. 4-1.

We had clear distance between us again, surely that meant the 3 points were ours.

The Hitman dominated midfield,
His desire is rarely matched, his intensity never surpassed…
and along with The Beast they laid waist to several of the opposition.

The Brickwall had little to do, but kept his concentration impeccably..
Dispatching the balls well and setting up a goal via The Duffydonna after a torpedoed 40 yarder to feet,
Pure class!

The Avenger foraged on looking for more goals, scaring the Opposition defence so much they had 2 or 3 players on him each attack.

Charlie ‘The Enforcer’ added a huge dollop of feistiness to our team today,
An exciting prospect awaits…
His determination and passing qualities were quite evident as we marvelled at his
and especially devastating to me was that he has a great haircut!!
I remember those days of old man

Then The opposition Hordes sensed our weaknesses at the back as we took the Magnum 44 and randomly shot holes through our boots…

Bosh! 4-2 we went to sleep

Bosh! 4-3 we went to sleep again

Bosh! 4-4 devastation….

We were on the ropes,
As confident as Anthony Joshua but now staring defeat right between the eyes…
Momentum had swung massively, again we thought the job was done,
Defend as a team was the lesson today.

The whistle blew for full time and we were relieved.

A much improved performance from us,
7 a side is big learning curve.
We are progressing and moving forward well, coaches are proud of each and every one of the boys

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