U9 Blues on Fire



The Newbottle autumnal setting was like a scene from War of The Worlds…
Justin Haywood was singing ‘Forever Autumn’ in my head…
(google it Sarah🤨)

A cool 10c clung onto the thermometer like an indecisive lemming…
The Missus was frozen like a birds eye fish finger 😳

Pitch 1 was about to get a pasting it may never forget…
As the Cestrian Gladiators took to
La gazon vert we held our breath.
We started brightly, looking for another 3 points, 5-1 was our default setting, could we match it for the 4th time in a month.

The ref blew the starter whistle and The Hammer started off on fire.
Maximus was in shock at the energy and drive of his son…. his eyes like saucers, he would be served up a 5 course banquet of Passing, power running, driving forward, strong tackling and shooting! 👏👏👏👏

The Enforcer received a great pass from The Hammer after his fifteenth physical intervention within as many seconds, and shot powerfully on goal, just passed the post…

We were looking dangerous.💪

The Duffydonna had changed his role into midfield and also his name by
‘deed poll’ today…🤔
he was now Professor Kaichinnio Passinnio as he proceeded to pass to perfection…
Like Golden Brown never a frown,
He never wasted a ball…
superb work Kai. 👏👏👏👏

The Hoover mopped up all things attacking towards our goal,
His bullet kick from 40 yards cleared the danger well and set up the counterattack.

Jinkin received the ball and split 2 Opposition players with his guile and ingenuity…. the little Moses showing his divine skills.
He Passed swiftly to The Duffydonna who passed to The Hammer who smashed 2 Opposition defenders to bits..

💪 The wrecking ball stoved his way through the sinew and muscle of the opposition, less Miley Cyrus and more
Jake LaMotta. 👊

The Duffydonna took controlled touch and Rolled the ball to The Enforcer who’s eyes twinkled before cracking the ball into the top corner! What a finish Charlie 1-0.

The Hitman was everywhere today, moving stealthily, destroying the opposition and dribbling thru The Opposition like a hot knife thru Butter.

The Titan was launched onto the pitch,
As he ran his heart out and smashed a shot against the keeper, the rebound came off the post and the resulting shot dribbled agonisingly passed the post..

The Beast then decided to scare the coaches with a Worldie turn never seen before by the ‘big lad’….😳
was it meant or was it a force of nature??
We will never know….
An amazing run on the left ended with a corner..

The Avenger took the ball on the wing and ran the length of the pitch, only narrowly missing out on the goal he so deserved…

The Yassinator ran well on the left and communicated with The Hammer leading to a wonderfully seamless choreography
of moves..

Then a shout came from the sidelines ‘That lad will never wear glasses, are his ears painted on??’ 🤣🤣
The coaches struggled to get control of the Blonde Bomber….
The Titan ran The Opposition ragged!

Again The Hoover was imperious at the back, He simply cleared everything!

The Brickwall was steady as a rock,
Great dispatches and safe hands…
With little to do, he kept his concentration well.

The 2nd half began with the subs and some changes in positions.

Immediately it was 1-1, a shot in the foot after we collectively went to sleep…

The Brickwall saved with aplomb from the dangerous corner..👏👏👏

But all too soon, another attack was allowed to flourish without challenge and it was 2-1 😳😳😳😳😳😳

It was a big test of character…
What would become of the broken hearted😉

The Brickwall was called upon now to steady the ship…
another dangerous attack came into the box as The Brickwall saw the danger,
Two strikers circling the box like Vultures…

The Brickwall moved without fear of injury to himself, and pounced as if a lion attacking his prey in the Serengeti..
Ball retained, job done.
Top class Fred!

The Titan smashed thru the sound barrier, he had taken on a new persona,
he was a firefly, tiger tiger burning bright, a total contradiction,
a whisp of a lad but with steel for bones and Space shuttle tiles for skin….
he was impervious to pain.

At one point receiving a huge blammer ball in the face, The Titan merely wiped the dew from his nose and ran back to position, like a rebooted Terminator T1000.. he would be back!

The Beast continued his runs and won a corner well…
The Hammer exoceted the ball from a corner into the Dryden Zone….
The Enforcer, steely eyed, simply postured on one leg, the flamingo we should call him 🤣
and volleyed an impressive technical shot passed the keeper…
parity was resumed 2-2.

back in it to win it!!

The Duffydonna passed like a
DeBruyne, sublime awareness and control… 👏👏👏👏

The Avenger took to his defensive duties with courage and conviction,
Maybe a fish out of water…
but some great awareness on the ball lead to some counterattacks, his clearances defusing possible goal attempts 👏👏👏

The Beast saw his chance as The Enforcer pushed forward from midfield, he approached The box and with the ball,
The Beast flattened the opposition with one fell swoop whilst managing to thread the ball under him and thru the Keeper’s legs😳😳😳!!! Tremendous work Ben and Charlie….
3-2 and the lead once more.

The Hitman with his low centre of gravity and his no nonsense approach to tackling had a paralytic effect on the Opposition midfielders…
he is the antidote to anyone fancying their chances against us.🤨

The Hammer marched on down the wing
Always one step away from greatness that lad, as he hoofed a great diagonal incisive pass into The Yassinator…
a touch and a battle with the defenders ended with his shot rolling up to the white line but not beyond! 😤😤
So unlucky Yass.. great effort from you and Jack.

Seconds later The Hoover
Had Hoofed a stratospheric 50 yarder from his own box up to the opposition Box and route A… Maximus hollered
‘Avvvvvv Itttttt!!’ As it sped forward…

Jinkin was hovering around the 20 yard mark, just anticipating such a gargantuan ball, the outcome was assured..

Jinkin allowed the bounce, watched the trajectory, took in his surroundings, postured to take the ball,
And simply clipped the ball with the outside of his boot…. Messiesque…

So nonchalant,
a goal with such delicate finesse,
you will not see… 4-2 superb!

The final whistle greeted us with smiles on our faces… yes the 5 goal default had been torn from our grasp, but what an effort by the lads, everyone of them put a shift in…
That’s what Chester Town is..
We are proud of you, one and all.

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