Chester le Street U9 Blues last game of the season last weekend was a very uneventful, mainly down to the bad weather.  Winds of 20-30mph effected the teams ability to pass the ball and when goals started to be blown over it surely spelt the end of the game but no the played on.  The first half was into the wind and it was hard to get out of their own half, but a few passing moves saw that lads have 3 chances but unfortunately no goals.  Chester Blues had 4 corners but never managed to turn any into the goal.  Thee  opposition even though it was down wind only managed 1 shot on target and that was comfortably saved.  The second half playing down wind was a different affair with shot raining in for left right through the middle, unfortunately the opponents keeper was up to the challenge.  When he spilled a shot Chester we unable to convert the chance.  Then in the second half the opposition had a break and with the only shot of the second half scored a good goal  The Blues were unable to get an equaliser even though they pressed hard.  Although the game ended in defeat the lads played really well and could hold their heads up high.  They finished 2nd in the league and won promotion to Division 1.  Well done everyone and what a great season.

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