Chester Town U9 Whites………..Champions!!!!!!
The last game of the winter season for the Chester Town U9 whites. They started the game knowing that a victory would see them win the league – a first for the team.  A full squad was available, not all fit, but none of them wanted to miss this game. The team have never been in a position like this before and you could see the excitement on their faces.
The game started well with Chester Town looking strong. The ball was effortlessly passed up and down the pitch but in the opening minutes of the game, a few great opportunities to score were missed by Chester Town. Deadlock was broken in the 7th minute with a goal for Chester Town. Less than minute later a brilliant shot on goal from Chester Town nearly saw them double their lead, but it narrowly missed the target. Within seconds the ball was cleared and was in our half of the pitch. Chester Town found themselves in the defence. The defending from Chester Town was great but the opposition manged to break through with a shot on target. However, when there is a shot on target our goal keepers jump into action and this shot wasn’t getting through the last line of defence! The opposition seemed to gain confidence and seconds after the brilliant save from Chester Town there was  another shot on goal that luckily went wide. the game turned and saw the ball at the other end of the and Chester Town were in the attack. A great ball from a corner saw some lively passing and the boys were unlucky to not to find the back of the net, but this is Chester Town we are talking about………A brilliant pass to a player in space was thundered into the back of the net in the 12th minute- a goal that would not have happened was it not for the unselfish attitude of our players shown by passing between them rather than charging down the pitch themselves. A two goal cushion settled the supporters and gave the boys more confidence. The opposition keeper was on form making a number of crucial saves. The ball rattled the post after a brilliant run from Chester Town which resulted in the ball ricocheting back into play and being thundered into the side netting- another near miss.  A minute later, Chester Town were awarded a free kick on the edge of the box, but the oppositions defence was strong and we couldn’t break through. Goal scoring opportunities kept coming for Chester Town, but they couldn’t capitalise, the best being a brilliant shot on goal that was knocked out of play by the keeper. However, the resulting corner was fired into the box and subsequently into the back of the net courtesy of the defender, going down as an own goal. Seconds later the whistle was blown signalling half time.
The second half got underway. I am not sure what our coach said to the players during the break, but within the first minute of the second half, Chester Town found the back of the net for the 4th time. The centre kick saw a first touch by Chester Town  shot on goal that hit off the post, back into play for a waiting blue and white player to fire it into the back of the net. Two goals within 90 seconds for Chester Town and the determination and excitement on the boys facing was showing. The title was in arms reach which saw Chester Town sit back a bit and they seemed to take their foot off the gas. A combination of this, and the seemingly attitude of the opposition to “throw everyone forward” saw the opposition pull back a goal back within seconds. Chester Town retaliated with a lovely goal, the 4th goal within the first 3 minutes of the second half. A minute later saw another goal for Chester Town and an equally brilliant shot on goal that sadly missed the target, which was a shame  as the shot had been set up as a result of brilliant passing between three of the Chester Town players, once again demonstrating their increasing maturity and less emphasis on scoring as individuals.  Two minutes later Chester Town found the back of the net once more. Chester Town now had a 7 goal cushion and this saw the opposition throw even more caution to the wind with the majority of the players pushing into our half of the pitch. The ball remained in our half of the pitch for a good few minutes but Chester Town had nothing major to worry about. Shots from the opposition were fired  into the box, but they were either wide or blocked by or closed down by our brilliant defence. A counter attack from Chester Town saw chances to score, but the ball just wasn’t going into the net, instead the post was struck and the ball rebounded into the arms of a surprised keeper! The opposition had been trying and trying to get trough our brilliant defence, and their perseverance payed off with them finding goals twice within 3 minutes. The dying moments of the match saw 2 more goals for Chester Town, taking their tally today to double figures. The final whistle signalled the moment that Chester Town U9 whites became winter season champions and the boys could not contain their excitement, and neither could the parents and grandparents!!!
A very pleasant match with very graceful opposition, the coach of the opposition even pointing out how impressed he was with some of our players. The best possible outcome for Chester Town made ever better by the sportsmanship of the opposition.
What can I say that I haven’t already said over the past few weeks…………..Another display of amazing team work showing just how far the boys have come this season. We are all so proud of the team and they really deserve this special moment.  Our boys are champions, they always have been in out eyes and this would be the case no matter what he outcome of today, but they can officially say  they have won the winter league!!!!! Wow!!
Bring on next season and lets see what else our boys can do.

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