New season, new start and a new player. Chester grouped together this morning with a want to carry on their pre season success during the week and welcomed our new player for her debut!
Game started well with both teams challenging every ball. Adam at the back was strong and kept the opposition out early doors. They break from the middle through on goal half way through but James remained strong in goal and strong hands to keep them out.
A quick change in the first half made way for Joe, Cece and Eve who made a fantastic impact. The ball broke free for Joe to feed eve through on goal for her first shot….just wide of the post but she was hungry and raring to go! Eve and Cece worked well together and got the captain Thula away 1 on 1 who knew what he wanted and buried into the corner 1-0 Chester!
Half time came and change again we resumed with the captain Thula, Ane, Eve Adam and Zac keeping James in goal. What a great start they made, driving every opportunity forward and standing there again was Thula who again with no hesitation sunk into the net … 2-0.
Change again halfway through with Joe and Cece being introduced with Zac. They all worked week, stayed strong and kept the pressure piling on. Zac and Joe working well at the back to keep the opposition at bay!
Corner came, crossed in by Thula, bounced around in the box with Cece able to get a neat touch to slide into the goal … 3-0!
From the kick off Chester wanted more and within seconds Thula led by example, stole the ball off the defenders toe, sent the keeper one way and stuck into the opposite end! Great goal for the hat trick and Chester 4-0 up! But Thula wasn’t finished, after watching Ronaldo last night he wanted to do 1 better. Picked the ball up at half way dribbled round 2 defenders and showed Ronaldo how to do it …. bang! 5-0 and Thula with 4!
What a Great team performance, all worked hard and put into practice
All the hard work we have been working on!
Well done to everyone!

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