Weekend Fixtures





   Chester-le-Street Town  Home Guisborough Town 3pm @ Moor Park


Under 6                                Riverside 10am

Under 7 Blues                   Durham 8:45

Under 7 Whites                Durham 10:30   

Under 8 Blues                   Farringdon 11:05

Under 8 Whites                Farringdon 12:15

Under 9 Blues                   Castleview  10:20

Under 9 Whites                Castleview  10:20

Under 9 Hoops                  Castleview 11:15             

Under 10 Blues                 Newbottle 12:25

Under 10 Whites              Newbottle 12:25

Under 10 Hoops                Monkton 10:35

Under 11’s                          Away Catchgate Community Tigers

Under 12’s                          No Game

Under 13’s                          Home Fishburn Community 11:15 @ Hermitage (Friendly)

Under 14’s                          Home Rickleton United 10am @ Hermitage       


Chester-le-Street Town Ladies  Away Hull City Ladies 2pm

Chester-le-Street Town Ladies  Development Home Washington AFC Ladies

Chester-le-Street Town  Under 23  Home University of Sunderland

Under 7 Whites                Newbottle 9am

Under 10 Blues                 Newbottle 11:20

Under 10 Whites             Newbottle  12:10

Under 14RAR                     Home Wahington AFC  Lionesses 9am @ Hermitage      

Under 15                             Away Rutherford AFC

Under 15RAR                     No Game

Under16 RAR                     Home Washington AFC Lynx 2pm @ Riverside  

Under 17                             Away Felling Magpies  

Under 18                             Home Waldridge Park Dronfield 1pm @ Hedrmitage


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