Weekend Fixtures

Under 7 Blues. Durham. 9:20
Under 8 Blues. Farringdon. 9:55
Under 8 Whites. Farringdon. 12:15
Under 8 Lions. Temple Park. 11:05
Under 9 Blues. Newbottle. 12:25
Under 9 Whites. Castleview. 9:25
Under 10 Whites. Monkton. 10:35
Under 10 Blues. Monkton. 12:25
Under 10 Hoops. Monkton. 11:30

The League Website www.rfyl.org.uk should be checked on Friday to see if there have been any changes made


  1. Do under 9 blues have any plans to provide match reports as it’s nice to see how the youngsters are enjoying their football.

    1. Hi Linda we would be delighted also to get a regular report. Have a word with the coach and to see if he could do it. If he is unsure of how to post articles on the website he simply has to send them to me and I will do it
      Dave Winter.

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