We were down to the bare bones today with Martynas Twinn, Zack Johnson, Andrew Hudspath, Luca Lawrence and Ethan Wolf fit to play. Up against a well matched team in the league placing beside us, this promised to be a tough match. We started Andrew in goal, Martynas at the back and Ethan and Luca either side of Zack in the middle. We never quite got into a perfect stride and still need a little work on positioning but taking Luca as an example, he must have had 15 shots on goal, did lots of running, couldn’t quite get the ball into the net. But that’s why we play, that’s why we train because next time Luca will get those goals, it’s the getting into position that’s important. Ethan tried hard to get the passes going, Zack wanted to run with the ball, Martynas wanted to get those tackles in. Nothing quite perfect but when the whole team is trying it together they get the win they deserved. Brilliant solo run by the wolf put us one up after Zach had just hit the post twice. Clearly fed on raw meat all week, Ethan then set about letting everyone on the other team know he was there. Martynas didn’t need to tackle everyone, he just blocked shot after pass after shot leaving the opposition without any openings. Zach didn’t need to dribble past everyone because he could pass the ball down the pitch to his team mates. And Luca? Ok, he didn’t score but he got into so many scoring positions the other team never relaxed at all. It was a mystery how we were only 1-0 up at half time but by the time the game finished 4-1 it flattered the other team. As for Andrew, they couldn’t score past him, so he came out of goal and scored two of his own, enough said. Good win lads.

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