Whites keep battling

Match report, Chester town U7 whites

Chester regrouped this week after missing their tournament last weekend and were eager to get some more game time under their belt.

Game started quick and the opposition piled on the pressure from the kick. Save from James in goal resulted in a corner, quickly drilled across the box, Ani went to clear but caught his knee and flew into the top corner, 1-0.

The team regrouped and reversed the pressure back onto the opponents, great work from Thula and Adam in the middle helping to drive the ball forward creating chances but unable to convert.

The opponents played some excellent skill and passing with a through ball which they were able to bury into the bottom corner. 2-0.

Change of plan at half time and ani and Zach made way for Cece and Joe to get involved. Both gave their full effort. The ball was won by Adam in the middle and passed out wide to Cece who dribbled it lovely down the wing, went for the shot but just wide of the post. Very unlucky not to get her first goal.

From the goal kick the opponents managed to get through all the way but Adam remained strong at the back and played out for a corner. Corner again was whipped in with force and landed at their striker who didn’t hesitate to extend the lead, 3-0.

Chester kept their heads up and kept going for a goal which was great to see even when 3-0 down their heads didnt drop. Joe carried the ball forward with Adam but again their keeper kept us out.

The opponents wanted more, and kept bringing it forward, James managed to keep them out with some fast thinking to clear the box early.

Again all the players should be proud of their performance today, onwards and upwards to Sunday for our 2nd game of the weekend, can we make the hard work pay off??

We’ll done Chester town whites!

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