Whites perform well in whiteout

Chester Town Whites U7s match report

This was a game the team had worked hard in training for knowing we were playing with no subs. The boys knew it was going to be tough and with mother nature not on our side this weekend they needed to start bright.

Game started and the beast from the east decided now was the time to unleash a blizzard. The boys stayed strong and Adam the captain kept the boys in order.

Great play in the middle of the park unleashed our own ‘beast’ Thula through the middle and some great dribbling he found himself one on one with keeper, BANG! Bottom corner- 1-0!

The snow continued and the opposition took there chance to level 1-1.

Ani and Thula again worked well in the middle and Thula was away again 2-1!

Getting tired and very cold the boys were caught out and it’s back to being level 2-2.

The boys regrouped and focused, Adam making sure the opponents had no way through and laid of Joe, Joe across to Thula and he got It, the elusive hat trick he’s been wanting for months! 3-2! Well worked team goal.

Just before half time, when you couldn’t even see where the ball was the opposition scored to level at the break 3-3.

Quick drink and team chat and they were all back out.

Great ball from the goal kick worked it’s way to the centre of the pitch, then carried down the wing by Thula, across into the box, off a defender and landed at the feet of Joe, like a scence from mid week watching lionel messi he smashed it to the opposite end of the goal for his first goal for Chester town and we were now 4-3 up!

The pressure mounted on the boys, now very tired, cold and wet the opponents carried down the left hand side, Adam with a great tackle won the ball back and played across to the keeper, with the snow and wind the ball flew into our own net. 4-4. Never mind they knew what was needed.

5 minutes to go and Joe, Adam and Ani worked well passing in and out and made space for Thula in front of goal, SMASH bottom corner! We were back in the lead 5-4!! Great well worked team effort to create the goal and the worked paid off.

Last 30 seconds of the game, their striker broke free and faced 1 on 1 with James in goal, he shot low and hard, James dived, the parents gasped, the opponents cheered, what we didn’t realise James was down fast and low and tipped the ball around the post! SAVED IT!

Referee blew the final whistle and that was It! Chester town whites had won 5-4!

Fantastic performance off each and everyone person on the pitch! They should all hold their heads up and be proud! Well done boys!

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