Whites Spring Into Action


Chester Town Whites regrouped for their second game of the weekend with Adam captain. Quick chat around yesterday’s game and how we would improve today and what roles they would all take up.

Chester won the rock, paper scissors for the kick and were under way. The game started bright, spring sunshine and a spring in their step.

Some great tackling in the middle of the park made way for a break to Cece and Joe to attack. Fantastic focus from the pair allowed them to get infront of goal with a shot from Cece, very unlucky to hit wide of the upright.

From their goal kick the striker broke free around the defence and went to drive into the corner. James stayed strong and caught with ease. James played out from the back to ani who played a great ball across to Adam, Adam weaved between the midfield and found himself 1 on 1 with the keeper, he struck the ball with force and again just wide of the post.

Change of player and Thula came on. What an impact he was, fantastic footwork and dribbling skills he was able to get free of the defence and found himself in front of goal with only 1 option in mind, bury the ball in the back of the net and that he did! 1-0 Chester!

Half time came and another quick change brought Cece back into the game. Again the ball played from the back to Adam, found space for Ani who then played to Joe. Joe kept calm and played of Thula, there he was again in front of goal and no hesitation he got his 2nd by smashing low into the corner. 2-0 Chester!

The opponents weren’t done and with a change of player from them their new striker was. Towering above our team and had eyes on a goal or 2. He muscled his way through the midfield and was then 1 on 1 with James, James quick of the mark sprinted out and dived at the feet, cracking save from James which led to a corner. Short corner from them and cracking effort at goal, stopped by James again, what a game he was having.

They kept the pressure up but Adam, Joe and ani remained solid at the back along with James in the sticks. They couldn’t find a way into the back of the net.

Whistle blown and Chester had won the game 2-0.

What a great great game by every single player in that pitch. They worked hard, implemented their training and today it paid off! They should all give themselves a pat on the back and be proud today!

Well done Chester town whites!

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  1. Chester whites u7 you did your selfs proud today. I bet the coaches& parents will say the same. Great match played by all. Loads of action, you’s stepped up a notch & played well & remained strong. The great training sessions are paying off. When you’s put the skills into place look what happens, yeh you’s win. Keep up the hard work chester whites ⚽🏆⚽

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